7 Social Media Mistakes That Brands Still Make

21st century business has high reliance on social media in able to execute a good marketing strategy. Every brand needs to jump on the social media wagon and maximise for its awareness, customer growth and sales. However what a lot of brands still find social media marketing challenging. Below are 7 social media mistakes to avoid in order to achieve success.

1. Paying for poor shortcuts

Because business is a numbers game, a number of people are often tempted to buy followers and likes. The challenge with that is numbers aren’t equivalent to engagement or sales. Build your following based on authentic content as well through sharing content from your niche. Gain followers and likes organically as this will create a genuine relationship between your brand and your clients.r niche, and then drive engagement with it. 

2. Outsourcing without context

Most brands outsource social media marketing however there are risks of being misrepresentation. You would rather have your social media done in-house by people you have trained and understand your brand’s vision. Establish a clear line of communication from which you can verify for your social media.

3. Being overly self-promotional

Stop selling to your audience! Give your social media pages a personal touch that’s authentic. Curate entertaining and informational content that your audience will like. You can also share other people’s content in the same niche.

4. Spamming fans’ feeds

Every post matters and if well structured and scheduled can bring desirable results. However at times brands tend to overdo it with the posts and end up spamming audiences’ feeds. Avoid doing that through sharing the same content but instead share at different time intervals on different days.


5. Ignoring fan feedback

Studies show that 72% of customers expect a response within an hour when they post complaints on brand pages. When they don’t get one, they’re likely to think negatively about the brand. Make time or allocate someone to respond to messages in the inbox or DM.


6. Operating without analytics

Take note of your brand’s metrics on social media. Keep track of referrals, reach, impressions, engagement, leads, conversions, follower growth rate and mentions. This will help give you feedback about your content and audience. Build upon the social media platforms where you jave the strongest presence. Make sure that you can make conversions of your analytics.

7. Not being human

Most customers want to be part of something and feel a human connection. If your brand fails to connect on a human element, then your social media marketing has failed. Give your brand humanity and personality. Showcase your team members and customers who make your brand special.

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