Which Social Media Platforms Work Best for Your Small Business?

The game of social media marketing is an intense one and requires strategy. As a business you need to understand which platforms you can use to interact with clients. Each platform serves different purposes and each business has its unique brand. Before you jump into social media, take a moment to understand how your customer uses each platform. Certain social media platform suit a certain type of audience while other platforms work towards bringing awareness to your brand. Below are the social media platforms for your business.

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best for Your Small Business?
Which Social Media Platforms Work Best for Your Small Business?

1. Understand who your clients are?
Use your statistics and metrics about who your clients are. Find out their age, gender and habits. The social media platform that they use the most will guide you where you can concentrate your content creation.

2. Your industry will direct your social media activity

Different industries require different social media strategies. If you are in the media or entertainment industry your content is more visual so social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. More corporate industries can use Facebook and LinkedIn more.

3. Focus on your customer’s needs to develop your content strategy. 

Learn keywords and hashtags related to your industry. Pay attention to how your customers use social media

4.Check out your competitors.

Analyse your competition by checking out their posts and the activity on their social media platforms. Twitter r and Instagram are easy platforms to assess.

5. Start With One

You might identify six social media platforms that seem interesting or tailored to your audience. Do not try them all daily however make sure that your brand is on all the sites, then start with one or two to start building an online community.

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