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Seh Calaz promises fireworks

Zim dancehall sensation Seh Calaz has vowed to deliver mind blowing songs in his latest offering. The star is set to release his new album on the 14th of February. One of the most anticipated tracks on the new album is titled Mangwana and features Jah Prayzah. Seh Calaz teased his fans by releasing a short studio preview of the song thereby leaving many pregnant with anxiety.

Seh Calaz is one of the well established musicians in Zimbabwe. Some of his popular songs include mumotas murikubvira, hupenyu and mabhanditi. He has performed in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. He has also collaborated with Kinnah, Soul Jah Luv and performed alongside international artists such as Turbulence.

The singer is no stranger to controversy and has been involved in squabbles with other local artists including Soul Jah Luv and Killer T. Dubbed mabhanditi by his fans, Seh Calaz has always been on the offensive in his musical relations with other artists and has released songs in the past advising his enemies that he did not care about their hatred for his success. One such song is titled handikendenge (High praises riddim).

It will be a momentous occassion on the 14th of February when Seh Calaz releases his album and it will be up to his fans to judge whether he is going to live up to his promises.

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