Women’s hygiene comes under the spotlight

Personal hygiene is a necessary daily routine for most women. Keeping one’s body clean and well scrubbed increases confidence and allows one to think and act more productively. Indeed the saying cleanliness is next to godliness has been a guideline for most ladies since time immemorial. The issue of hygiene has making headlines in recent days after the controversial sex tape of Denzel Burutsa and his girlfriend was leaked.

Instead of criticising the couple for having recorded their intimate moments, more emphasis was placed on the fact that the girlfriend was allegedly dirty, had not bothered  to clean herself prior to the act and was unshaven. A lot of women expressed their  disgust at the girlfriend’s lack of appreciation for personal hygiene.

Jokes were even made about the issue with bustop tv’s Gonyeti and Maggie doing a skit on the condition of Denzel’s girl. Most women shudder at the thought of not shaving their under arms or not shampooing their hair. To encourage ladies to take better care of their bodies a workshop was held a few weeks ago with the socilite and fashion icon Pokello Nare being the guest speaker. Issues discussed on the day included grooming, make up, bathing and taking care of one’s hair.

Some women have a lot of questions about feminine hygiene tips and genital protection even though the genitals are just another part of the body so, in principle, they just have to be kept clean and problem-free as part of a normal daily intimate hygiene regime.

However, it is certainly a delicate area with a scent unique to each individual (which is normal and natural), which comes into contact with discharge, urine, period blood and sweat and is not normally well-ventilated. This means that specific daily feminine hygiene tips should be followed for this area.

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