Mai Titi’s heartfelt message on H.I.V

Comedian Mai Titi recently opened up about her concern for the way people profess ignorance about the HIV virus. She said she had been approached by someone who had earlier on proposed love to her. Mai Titi disclosed that she was HIV positive a long time ago and this gentleman did not mind her status. It was however his assertion that they could engage in sexual activity at night when the virus is asleep that enraged Mai Titi.

She vehemently lambasted the man for his ignorance and said that the HIV virus does not sleep at night as alleged. She said that it was the same mindset that was fuelling the spread of the disease. MaiTiti said that at times infected people are misadvised to sleep with young children thereby spreading the virus to innocent souls.

Mai Titi said that education is key in curbing the spread of the virus. She said that most people were unaware of the status of their sexual patners thereby exposing themselves to the risk of getting infected. Mai Titi said that a person might look fit and healthy but still be suffering from the virus. These sentiments were also echied by socialite Pokello Nare early this year as she encouraged women, particularly married ones, to get tested.

Mai Titi also advised those that are infected to eat healthy food and seek proper medication. Her main concern was however lack of knowledge by most people. She asserted that she had given the man an earful but later on explained to him issue relating to the virus and the fact that it is active at all times.

Mai Titi is one of the country’s best female entertainers.

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