Top 10 music genres in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has an abundance of music artists who show off their ingong prowess in different music genres. Some of the classes of music are borrowed from Western countries such as hip hop but there are also authentic African genres such as mbira music. Here is a list of the top musical groups in Zinbabwe.

1 Zimdancehall music.

This muic is a fusion of local beat with a Jamaican dancehall influence. It gained momentum in the last decade and is widely enjoyed. Top name in zimdancehall include Winky D, Kinnah,Killer T and Enzo ishall among others. Zimdancehall has often been criticized for explicit lyrical content.

2 Sungura music

Sungura muoc is one of the country’s finest music of all time. It has been there since the early 1980’s. Artit in this extorting include Alick Macheso,Pengaudzoke and Sulumani Chimbetu. Sungura music is authentic to Zinbabwe.

3 Urban grooves music.

This music genre was mainly influenced by American Rnb music. It is soulful music with a modern twist. Urban grooves artit include Roki, Sani Makhalima, Ngoni Kambarami and Extra large.

4 Zora music.

This type of music is almost similar to Sungura music but the distinguishing feature is the fast paced beat. It was popularized by Leonard Zhakata.

5 Hip hop

Hip hop is also common in Zimbabwe. There are a lot of local hip hop and rap artists such as Takura, T Gonzi and Ten. Other upcoming artists such as Tenflos and Tanto wavie are also doing very well.

6 Gospel music.

Gospel music enjoys a wide audience based on the fact that Zimbabwe is largely a christian country. Top name in this industry include Mai and baba Charamba, Shingisai Suluma, Janet Manyowa and pastor Mahendere.

7 Afrojazz

This music was made famous by the likes of Oliver Mutukudzi and Edith Weutonga. It is a oulful type of music with a low beat. Artits such as Since Musarurwa have been doing well in Afrojazz.

8 Rhumba music.

Rhumba music is a popular type of entertainment in Zimbabwe. It is mainly associated with shaking of hips and bums and mostly played at parties and weddings. It was influenced by music from DRC. Artists such as Juntal and Energy Mutodi have been ambassadors of rhumba in Zimbabwe.

9 Mbira music

This type of music is perculiar to Zimbabwe. It involves the use of the mbira instrument which in some instances has led to people being labelled spirit mediums. Mbira artist include Mbira dzenharira, Hope Masike and the late Chiwonise Maraire.

10Chimurenga music.

This type of music was commonduring the liberation struggle era. It was used to conscientise the masses as well as strengthen the guerilla soldiers. Chinx Chingaira was instrumental in promoting chimurenga music during the war. However post independence, singer’s like Thomas Mapfumo continued promoting chimurenga music.

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