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Buffalo souljah and Seh Calaz exchange bitter words.

Dancehall artists Buffalo Souljah and Seh Calaz have publicly confronted each other, leaving a lot of people worried about the state of affairs between artists in Zimbabwe.

It is common cause that Buffalo Souljah was involved in an altercation with Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale. He had challenged Shatta Wale for the title of king of dancehall in Africa after the latter had proclaimed himself to be one. After a fierce exchange of words and composing diss songs for each other, Buffalo emerged victorious.

Seh Calaz responded to the beef and said that Buffalo Souljah was not the right candidate to face off against someone like Shatta Wale. He said other artists were better suited like Nutty O. In a recorded car video, Seh Calaz had thrown shade at his fellow countryman and dancehall artist.

This did not go down well with South African based Buffalo. He said that he was shocked at the level of ignorance by other artists in the country. He dared Seh Calaz to challenge him face to face and advised that he would leave him in a pathetic state. Buffalo said it was distasteful that after he had started his own wars and putting up his own fight, fellow artists would try and get unwarranted popularity from his own publicity.

Buffalo feigned annoyance at the attacks from Seh Calaz. He has been on the foreground advocating unity amongst Zimbabwean artists but the attack from Seh Calaz seems to indicate that other artists think otherwise. Buffalo also stated that singers like Seh Calaz lacked foresight and vision.

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