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ExQ spots new dreadlocked look.

Urban grooves singer ExQ, commonly known as Mr Putiti has caused furore with his new hairstyle, locks. The medium length thick locks have completely transformed the singer’s face, making him almost unrecognizable.

There have been mixed reactions over the new look. Some of his fans loved the new hairdo and said it was commendable that the singer had gone for something new and rustic. Most of the females seemed to have had their hearts won over by the trendy short locs. After years of neatly cutting his hair, Mr Putiti seems to have stepped out of his comfort zone and made a bold decision.

Others were of the opinion that the singer’s neat boy’s cut was the ideal hairdo for him. They stated that he now looked like some of those street corner boys who indulge in drugs and bronclear. There was outrage by some fans who said he reminded them of a crazy,homeless person. They advised him to cut the pics and go back to his clean look.

Dreadlocks are now a common trend amongst celebrities. Although they are mainly associated with zimdancehall artists, locs have become almost every singer’s look of choice. Celebrities such as Jah Prayzah, Confused, Tocky vibes and Buffalo Souljah have locs.

Mr Putiti clearly shocked many people who never saw the transformation coming. The singer is however exuding confidence at his new hairstyle. Fans will have to get used to the new and upgraded hairdo.

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