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Stunner’s wife Dyonne breaks down the internet.

When it comes to his choice of women, Stunner has never disappointed. The rapper clearly has great taste. A recent image of his stunning wife Dyonne has been trending online.

Clad in a sexy black number, Dyonne flaunts her curvy figure and silky smooth legs. Her big, blonde hairdo is a big standout. Most people have been drooling over the picture and applauding Stunner for having bagged his own beauty queen. Others expressed disappointment at not having had the opportunity to meet such fine ladies.

Mai Dziva as she has been labelled, Dyonne exudes self confidence and timeless beauty. She is a model. One glance at her and the words hot and sexy come to mind. Some people even find it difficult to fathom the fact that she has a child with Stunner considering her well toned physique.

Stunner has always been a ladies man and dated beautiful women. His previous lady Pokello Nare, the queen of swagger herself is proof that the rapper has exquisite taste when it comes to the opposite sex. Dyonne stirred up controvesy when it was alleged that’s was dating Stunner when he was still married to socialite Olinda Chapel. The two later got married when Stunner and Olinda parted ways. They have been inseperable ever since and seem to have cemented their relationship for good.

Dyonne and Stunner are truly a match made in heaven and fans are eagerly awaiting another hot pic from “Mai Dziva”.

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