Pics:Things we absolutely loved about Sechaba and Phindile’s Isidingo wedding.

A few weeks ago, we marvelled at the wedding between Sechaba Moloi and Phindile the onscreen characters from Isidingo. The wedding was classy and highlighted jsut how much film producers are willing to go to make drama seem like real life events. Here are some of our best looks from the wedding.

1 The bridesmaids

The bridesmaids looked stunning. These dresses blew us away. The make up, shoes and dresses all fitted perfectly together and we could only heap compliment upon compliment.

2. The Sibekos

Being the leading family in the soapie comes with its own price. You have to look good at all times. And the Sibekos did just that. Lincoln flaunted his beautiful wife, son and daughter in these Nkosi nkosi creations and they were a sight for sore eyes. We really love the jumpsuit by Lincoln’s stepdaughter.

3. The guests

Leading the pack in congratulating the couple was Sibiya and his girlfriend. The two looked like they had just stepped out of the runway at a fashion show.

4. Sechaba and Phindile

The couple looked absolutely stunning. A true match made in heaven. Sechaba and his wife had expertly sewn matching outfits that would make Bonnie and Clyde green with envy. They exudes elegance, style, grace and were simply fab. The white wedding gown left us speechless as well as Sechaba’s suit. This is just wow. The two looked on point as they donned the colours of royalty.

This traditional ensemble showcased great hand skills and looked perfect on Phindile.

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