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Winky D’s Njema receives positive reviews.

Winky D’s new album Njema is certainly worth a listen. The dancehall chanter did a sterling job with his latest offering and his album has been positively reviewed by most of his fans. With tracks such as Sekai, Ijipita,Chandelier, Siya so and Njema, the album shows maturity and a deep level of artistry on the part of the singer. The songs are rich in content and highlight the plight of most people in the country. The isnger came under fire from a few of his fans who thought he was now delving too much into the political scene but others have defended the singer, saying he has always been singing about things affecting society bever since he broke onto the musical scene. Songs such as ijipita talk of a transition from one lifestyle into a better one, whilst Sekai is a direct retaliation to those who discourage others ho are busy trying to plan for their future.

The album launch was a huge success in spite of efforts by unruly elements to discourage people from attending. Winky D has indeed emerged as one of the most seasoned artists in the country and beyond. The singer has won several awards in the past. He has toures countless countries and even perfomed at the Coke Studio last year. His previous songs include Bhachi nejean, Ngirozi and Finhu finhu among others. He has collaborated with the likes of Gemma Griffiths and the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

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