‘I gigabyte data for only 10 dollars’ Netone offers attractive deal

Netone has once again pulled a suprise for its large clientele by offering a 1 gigabyte bundle for only 10rtgs dollars. The bundle will be purchased at ten rtgs and will last for an hour. The data bundle package is called “amasixty 60” and has come as a welcome relief to most people who were struggling to keep up with the hefty prices of data. Netone said this is part of its efforts to cushion its subscribers in the wake of the rising cosy of living.

The state owned mobile communication company said the one hour will run from the time of purchase. Speaking about the new attractive package Netone head public relations Eldrette Shereni remarked,”The new brings financial challenges due to the demands that accompany every household as a result of a number of factorsz namely Back to school that incoperates fees,umifroms,groceries and for tertiary student’s data research. To help usher in the year 2020, Netone also extended the zero tariff promotion until March 31, as a means of cushioning the transacting public to make payments, send and receive money..”.

Netone has been on the forefront in terms of providing cheap and affordable mobile services to its customers. Unlike its competitor Econet, netone regurlaly offers such promotions whereas the latter keeps reviewing upwards the cost of data bundles. Most people have applauded Netone for being considerate and showing corporate social responsibility in the face of economic hardships. Students have been the most grateful as they can now do their research with unlimited data at such an affordable price. Netone lso has other services that appeal to most people and has been commended for offering reasonable deals at all times

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