Yoga mistakes that you are probably making.

Here are some of the common mistakes that yoga lovers make. We hope the solutions given will assist you as you go about your daily yoha routine.

1. Holding your breath Do not make this common mistake. While doing yoga,you need to make sure your breathing is being done properly. This will help you balance and fills your muscles with oxygen. So remind yourself to take full,deep breaths throughout your practice.

2. Thinking too much Thinking is very important when you are thinking about your posture and movement but overthinking about other things is not a good thing. Distract yourself and concentrate on just your body and mind.

3. Comparing yourself to others It is not a competition,it is a relaxation and fitness process to help you. You will never be as flexible as the next person. Stick to what your body can do and achieve and reward yourself for that.

4. Ruching into advanced moves Take it slow. You have just started a new exercise programme. Learn the basics first and you will be on your way to more advanced positions and classes in time.

5. Practising yoga on a full tummy This will simply be uncomfortable. Have a small snack an hour before your yoga class and not a heavy meal

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