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Celebs that have donated millions towards coronavirus fight

As the world struggles to deal with the coronavirus scourge, several celebrities have made huge donations towards alleviating the challenges brought about by the virus. Here is a list of celebrities that have pumped out some money to help in the face of such a crisis.

1 Rihanna
The “Take a bow” singer donated US 5 million dollars through her foundation. The money was to help aid those affected by the virus and for other things.

2 Angelina Jolie donated a million dollars towards fighting the deadly virus. The actress is known for her humanitarian work and is a United Nations goodwill ambassador. Angelina often visits countries town apar by war and has always advocated for recognition of human rights.

3 Kylie Jenner
The youngest and richest of the Kardashian clan made a donation of US 1 Million dollars. Kylie was named the youngest self made billionaire last year and her huge donation is proof that she has a heart of gold

4 Jack Ma
The second richest Chinese man donated millions of dollars, test kits and other equipment to African countries to help in the fight. His donation was said to be the most effective because African countries can barely fund their own facilities to prevent the spread of the disease. Even Zimbabwe recently received its own share of the donation.

Celebrities and rich people have been called on to emulate their fellow celebrities that have donated.

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