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KVG cries foul over lack of barber service

Most people are crying foul over the lack of grooming brought about by the current lockdown. Celebrities have not been left out. Radio and television personality KVG recently opened up about the struggles of people to have their hair done during this time. Sharing an i.ahe in which she donned a wig and a doek, the presenter wrote,” wig +dhuku means the hair situation is a beautiful disaster”.

Kvg said she desperately needs a hair cut. She also said barbers should be labelled essential services. Most people have been lamenting lack of grooming during this time. Even men have been hard hit by the absence of a haircut and having their beard neatly shaved at the saloon. If anything, this lockdown has unleashed the true natural looks of most people.

Those who are able to plait their own hair or cut it down have been fortunate enough to show off their skills but it still remains a big challenge for most. We suppose saloons and barbershops will be filled to the brim after the lockdown. The situation has also been challenging for school kids whose neatly cut hair and cornrows have since become ugly and scruffy crowns.

Those with wigs might be breathing a sigh of relief during this period but then again they need neatly down lines beneath the wigs which they can’t have done at the moment

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