Shadaya strikes again. Takes a dig at Kikky badass

Shadaya, the infamous online troll who has been terrorising female celebrities has struck once again. The controversial figure who has been attacking female celebrities with so much vigour and energy seems to have found his latest victim. In a recent exchange of words, Shadaya had a lashing from hip hop rapper Kikky badass who lambasted him for calling her unfit marriage material.

Kikky had said Shadaya was delusional after he had gone on a whirlwind adventure of stalking and shaming female celebrities such as Olinda Chapel, Pokello Nare and Misred. He hit back and said he could not have been as delusional as the man who had married Kikky. He said she was a “walking, talking cemetery of many men’s DNA” and that it was actually her husband who is delusional. He also said marrying Kikky was as good as buying a ZUPCO and then labelling it “private”. Shadaya has been haunting many female celebrities online and some people have called for his Instagram account to be reported and blocked. His sentiments have been seen as deragatory towards women in a society that is patriarchal and suppresses women’s rights.

Shadaya had no kind words for Misred whom he said had fathered children with different men as well as Olinda Chapel whom he lambasted for dating younger men. He went on a rampage, viciously attacking women in the spotlight. It is unknown who this Shadaya really is and most women have been airing out their displeasure at fellow women being potrayed in such light

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