How to manage your baby’s breath

Most parents are ignorant of the fact that their little ones need to practise good dental hygiene. Most kids suffer tooth decay and bad breath. It is essential to employ these 4 tips for a fresh smelling mouth for your young one.

1 Swish and rinse
If your kid can’t brush his teeth after a meal advise them to rinse their mouth with water to flush out leftover particles. It is these particles that eventually cause bad breath as they break down and release acids.

2 Nose breathing
Breathing through the mouth dries up saliva and your tongue, leading to bad breath. Nose breathing does not affect the moisture level in your mouth. Eating apples and carrots promotes saliva production, helping keep bad breath at bay.

3 Brush their tongue
It is no use brushing your teeth only when the smelly and guys are hiding at the back of their tongue. A daily scrub with a soft wet toothbrush then a rinse goes a long way in keeping their breath fresh.

4 Speak to your dentist or doctor
If all these steps are not curing bad breath, then a doctor will be able to locate the source, allergies and sinus can sometimes be the cause.

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