Here are Breakup Behaviors That’s Not Okay Once You’re An Adult

Some breakup behaviors are  just not okay once you’re an adult. The cutoff time for the really crazy stuff is college graduation. And let’s not get caught up on technicalities if you went back to school late your early twenties should see the end of really reactionary breakup behavior.  Mature people understand that when a breakup happens, they’ve just eliminated a relationship that was not meant to be in their lives. They don’t get angry about it. They don’t become vengeful. Here are Breakup Behaviors That’s Not Okay Once You’re An Adult

Here are Breakup Behaviors That’s Not Okay Once You’re An Adult
Here are Breakup Behaviors That’s Not Okay Once You’re An Adult

1. Ruining their reputation

Publishing details about how financially irresponsible or unhygienic your ex was doesn’t help you in any way. It just makes you look petty and nobody trusts what a petty person has to say, anyways.

2. Aggressive social media posts

Directly calling out your ex on social media whether it’s through tagging him, or hijacking his Facebook page to rant about hims middle school behavior that screams ”Anger issues!” If you know you’re correct in your feelings about someone, you shouldn’t need the validation of everyone else’s ”Likes” and comments.

3. Stalking their new dates

Even if you think you’re just “warning” them about what a bad boyfriend your ex could be, only a crazy person finds out who their ex is dating and reaches out to them. Period. And those women are not going to listen to your warning, simply because you’ve already proven yourself to be crazy by reaching out in the first place.

4. Passive aggressive social media posts

Maybe you don’t call your ex out directly. But you do write things like, ”It’s incredible how some people are so selfish in relationships. We all know who that someone is you’re talking about.

5. Seeking to make them jealous

So, within a week of the breakup, you’ve managed to find a new boyfriend, and go on two vacations with him, and document every waking moment of them for Instagram? Something smells of attention-seeking.

6. Asking for gifts back

Hey, you gave those when you were feeling warm and loving towards that person. You don’t have any claim to those anymore. Imagine if people who’ve given you gifts, and who you no longer talk to, started asking for their stuff back? You’d probably have a pretty empty apartment.

7. Endless angry text messages

Why are you still telling him everything he did wrong and all the ways he sucks? You broke up with him because of those reasons. There should be nothing else to discuss.

8. Endless sad text messages

Your ex is not the person you should texting to wax nostalgic about the good times. That’s what your best friends are for right now. You have to know that texting your ex about how much you miss the way things were will either result in ill-advised breakup sex or him blocking your number.


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