Mambo Dhuterere crushes over his wife

They say behind every successful man is a woman. Indeed this old adage has been seen to be true in the career and life of Mambo Dhuterere. The man has been crushing on his wife lately. The two are a formidable force in the arts industry. Just like the Charambas, they make great music together.

Mambo Dhuterere recently posted a sweet birthday message for his wife. He described her as a strong and supportive woman. She has been by his side since day one and even when his fame reached its peak last year, she proudly stood behind him. Mambo said most people actually envy him for having such a loving and supportive patner. He said most of the comments on his social media pages are directed to his wife.

Mambo became an overnight sensation last year with the release of several contemporary gospel songs. He released songs such as Reurura and Mweya ndisesekedze that instantly became chart toppers. He also collaborated with several artists including Mathias Mhere, Charles Charamba and Seh Calaz. It is his deep voice and ability to patner with various singers that makes him a perfect candidate for gospel music. And in all this, his wife will be by his side.

Mambo and his wife are clearly couple goals. Nothing is more satisfying than a couple that hussles together. Other young couples could certainly learn a thing or two from their relationship.

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