9 Ways to Use Psychology to Help You Get Hired

For everything there is a science to it including getting a job. Interviews tend to be one of the trickiest experience prior to getting a job. As an interviewee you are seeking to make an impression that gets you hired. You can increase your chances of getting a job by not only incorporating the art of interviews but the science of it. By understanding how the human mind works and reacts to speech and actions you can work your way to impress hiring management. Take the following tips to find out how you can use psychology to ace an interview 

9 Ways to Use Psychology to Help You Get Hired
9 Ways to Use Psychology to Help You Get Hired


1. Use “power-priming tactics.”

Think about a time in your life when you felt successful and empowered. This will boost your confidence and increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Smile when necessary.

Smiling creates a positive vibe hence you can show off those pearly whites during the interview. However you need to also show some seriousness during the interview too.

3. Use your interviewer’s name.

You can use your interviewer’s name however drop it in a few times.

4. Practice “reflective listening.”

Reflective listening is when you repeat back your interviewer’s statement or question in your own words. By doing this you portray attentiveness, attention to detail and the ability to comprehend instruction. These qualities will work in your favour to get hired successfully.

5. Keep your hands warm and dry.

Avoid showing anxiety by keeping your hands dry and warm hands create a positive atmosphere through a warm handshake.

6. Try mirroring, but stay positive.

Mirroring is when you mimic a person’s body language. However take caution to mirror only the positive aspects and avoid mirroring if the interviewer is distant or moody.

7. Be mindful of your body language.

When you’re in a job interview, use positive non verbal behavior. Some things to take note of include having a positive facial expression, keeping eye contact and nodding to Show agreement and understanding.Use subtle hand gestures when speaking as well as varying your tone.

8. Consider the Construal Level Theory.

According to the Construal Level Theory, the farther away you are from an object or person, the more abstract your thinking will be. The closer you are, the more concrete your thinking will be.With this you are then able to know what you are likely to talk about. The closer you are to the interviewer the more likely you are to be successful.

9. Don’t interrupt.

Never interrupt your interviewer even if you know what they are about to say.

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