British magazine names CBZ as Zimbabwe’s best bank.

Local bank CBZ was recently named Zimbabwe’s best bank by British magazine Euromoney. The British publication commended CBZ for its good banking practices. The chief executive of CBZ bank Blessing Mudavanhu confirmed that development in which the bank was honoured on Wednesday. CBZ bank is indeed a reputable institution in Zimbabwe having numerous branches all over the country.

The magazine honoured the bank for pursuing sound managerial practices in its operations put in place by new management with international experience. CBZ enjoys a wide subscription in Zim and is the bank of choice for many schools, companies and individuals. It is no secret that even at big corporate functions such as fundraings for government programmes or national events, CBZ always emerges the preffered bank of choice.

Other recognized institutions by the magazine included DBS which was named the best Asian bank, Citi which was named the world’s best bank for transaction services, Morgan Stanley which was named the world’s best bank for financial institutions and Credit Suisee which was named the world’s best bank for wealth management.

The magazine presented regional and country awards to banks from Latin America, Europe, Africa and other regions. CBZ was recently registered among the country’s Bereau de change institutions. This positive development has seen the bank enjoying even more membership and it has lived up to world class standards.

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