Tips to Protect Your Golix User Account from Being Hacked

Zimbabwe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Golix has faced some hackings with some of its accounts. It’s advising its customers to review their security. They did reassure customers that the hackers were unable to withdraw the funds.

In a statement Golix said, “Please be advised that in the three weeks leading up to the 12th of March 2018 we noticed that a limited number of Golix accounts fell victim to unsolicited third party access.”

The statement added, “The information gathered so far indicates that this malicious activity was carried out through compromised user email accounts.”

They advised to take security measures, to prevent getting hacked. However, these measures cannot work in isolation.

For additional security protocols, Golix advised its account holders to do the following:

1. Change your Golix account password by clicking on β€œForgot password” before you login into your account

2. Enable two factor authentication using Google Authenticator on your Golix account

3. Change your email password

4. Enable two factor authentication on your email account using Google Authenticator or other 2 factor options that are not SMS that may be provided by your email provider

5. Do not use the same password for both your email and your Golix accountIf possible, use a password generator to generate the email password for you

6. Avoid accessing your internet service over unsecure / untrusted internet services that you do not know are legitimate and verified internet providers

7. Avoid using your name, surname, children’s names birthdays and other common attributes as your password

8. Avoid accessing your email and Golix account on public internet services like internet cafes

9. Do not share your password for any account you have with anyone

10. Take note of possible phishing attacks on your email – these are β€œattacks” that trick you into clicking on links in suspicious emails that come through your account which may lead to loss of private data

11. Please safeguard your privacy when it comes to information about your Golix account or how you deal with cryptocurrencies. 12. Be very cautious about sharing unnecessary information about these issues, especially on public forums like WhatsApp and Telegram Groups and on social media.

If you have any challenges with your account please contact us via email or on any of our numbers and social media platforms.

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