7 Ways to Save Your Back By Sitting Properly

Do you spend most of your day sitting? Do you feel your back straining when you stand up? Maybe you are not sitting corectly. Try the following tips to help you save your back.

Ways to Save Your Back by Sitting Properly
Ways to Save Your Back by Sitting Properly



1. Don’t sit in the same position for too long.

2. If your chair isn’t designed to support your lower back, a rolled up towel or loose pillow can bring relief.

3. When you sit , your upper body and thighs should form an angle between 90 and 115 degrees.

4. Your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground.

5. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground with your knees at the same height as your hips.

6. When you sit, your lower back should rest on the pillow or on the chair’s built in support and your shoulders should touch the back of the chair.

7. A space of at least five to 10cm is necessary between the back to your knees and your chair’s seat, as well as between your legs and the top of your desk.

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