What are the advantages of using a belly binder post birth?

Most women struggle with their tummies. Bad eating habits, bowel problems and post birth posture are all part of daily tummy struggles that women have to deal with. Some have almost given up on ever having an improved body image. We outline the advantages of wearing a belly binder. You can easily regain your confidence and be your self

1It helps flatten the belly and redefine the waistline . This gives a leaner figure and improves posture

2 It helps reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling and aids in decreasing bloating caused by water retention.

3 Compresses stomach muscles together helping them to strengthen an heal quickly especially after giving birth

4 Helps improve posture whilst sitting sitting, standing and in particular breast feeding

5 Fully adjustable for ultimate comfort and support

6 Belly binders also help stretch marks

7 They provide abdominal support and comfort especially after having a CSection

8 A belly binder is specifically designed to be worn comfortably under all your clothes making you look and feel beautifully slim

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