47 new Zupco buses commissioned.

The president Emmerson Mnangagwa, yesterday commissioned 47 new buses to eases the transport challenges bedevilling the country. The event was held at Belvedere Depot.

The increase in prices of fuel have led to an alarming hike in transport charges. Most people have been struggling to cope with the current kombi fares to and from their homes. Government made an undertaking to alleviate the transport crisis and made available some buses. These buses charge a mere 50 cents to a dollar per trip as opposed to 2 dollars and 4, dollars being charged by commuter bus operators.

The additional buses are indeed a welcome relief for various reasons. Most people were having challenges accessing the buses as they had to que for hours and wait for the bus. As if that was not stressful enough they also had to jostle and fight their way into the bus given the large number of people who had now resorted to using buses. Een those who owned cars had now become accustomed to parking their cars at home and use the Zupco buses.

Issues of indecent assault in the buses were now becoming a common feature as well given the fact that people will be packed. It had actually become a strenously exercise to use the bus but most people had no choice but to use the bus for lack of money. The new buses are expected to dispense with all the

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