Opportunity For Zimbabwean Youth : MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Opportunity For Zimbabwean Youth : MIT Global Entrepreneurship Teachers Bootcamp Cambridge – USA


The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Teachers Bootcamp is a 3-month entrepreneurship educator’s program that begins with a one-and-half week, intensive, in-person training program for those who want to teach entrepreneurship, run bootcamps, incubators, accelerators and other similar programs. This is a highly selective program for highly motivated educators.

  • Academic Educator.
    You want to learn more about how we teach the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework through our residential bootcamps and to implement them.

  • Corporate Entrepreneur.
    You are looking for new and innovative ways to help your team pilot change in a large organization. Come and learn how to be a facilitator of MIT’s innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

  • Senior Executive.
    You have been tasked with a mandate to transform your company from the bottom-up, by championing innovation-driven entrepreneurial teams. Come and be with kindred spirits. We’ll help you transition your company to a new pathway forward.

Admissions to the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is highly selective and based on the following five criteria:

  • Focus on excellence

  • Initiative

  • Contribution to community

  • Team & cultural fit

  • Entrepreneurship potential

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