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Alick Macheso sucked into ‘lula lula’ scandal

The picture shows a dark man who bears a striking resemblance to the musician trying to woo a woman who looked like a prostitute. Social media has been awash with comments. Those that believe the man to be the famous singer have reprimanded him for displaying such behaviour. Some have also castigated him for giving priority to hookers at a time when the arts industry is mourning the death of Gringo and Ginimbi.

No confirmation has been received as yet on whether the man in the picture is Alick Macheso. Macheso might have had his fair share of controversy regarding women in the past but it is not clear whether this could be a relapse on his part. He caused furore a few years back when he hooked up with a much younger wife called Tafadzwa. The two seemed to be very much in love and Macheso even penned down a love song for her. This was until their divorce and subsequent public fights.

Macheso has since re united with his official wife who has been by his side all the time.For all we know the singer might have been posing alongside a fan. Worse still, it might not even be the artist in the picture

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