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Tytan finally breaks silence on cheating scandal.

Music artist Tytan has finally responded to allegations of cheating on his wife Olinda with her friend Tallyn. It emerged that Tytan had been hitting on Olinda’s friend and even requested for some nude pictures from her last year. It was only after Olinda was no longer friends with Tallyn that the scandal was unearthed.

Best known for airing out her dirty laundry for all and sundry to see Olinda had taken to Facebook live to lash out at the duo. She had even suggested that they go into an open relationship whereby each was allowed to see a third party. Olinda ad laid the blame on both her husband and Tytan. She said that she was disgusted at their conduct and labelled her husband (muroyi) meaning a wizard.

Amid all the drama, Tytan had maintained his cool save for the couple unfollowing each other on Instagram. It was only after Stunner was roped into the whole saga that he responded. He said that whatever happens in life, ine should not go back to what broke them. This has been translated to mean that Olinda must not go back to find solace into the arms of her ex husband Stunner. Olinda had been recorded speaking to Stunner on Facebook live. Moreover, most people were now piling pressure on Stunner and asking him to speak out on the issue.

Olinda and Tytan were regarded as the country’s own power couple. There however seem to be trouble in paradise with the latest cheating scandal rocking their marriage.

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