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Winky D video sparks mugarden challenge

The release of Winky D’s song mugarden was a welcome development in the music industry. Judging from people’s reactions, 2019 could never have been more exciting. A recent spate of events has seen people making a reincarnate video of the song.

Several hilarious videos have been posted with people clad in banana leaves, tree branches and grass, playing Adam and Eve as an imitation to Winky D and Gemma Griffiths. In these videos people will be lip singing to the song and showing love and affection for each other just like in the original video.

Comedian madam boss was not to be outdone as she made the performance of her life. Clad in nothing but what appears to be leaves and branches she soulfully mimicked Gemma Griffiths and made several lustful poses. She even went to the extent of using an electric cord as the snake portrayed in the video. The video has aroused so much interest and other celebrities have joined the bandwagon including Baba Harare who also posted an image dressed in leaves and all’s sorts of natural vegetation.

The recent craze showcases the influence that Winky D has in Zim. As a veteran who has been in the music industry for over a decade, Winky D has always left his audience satisfied. He has been known to tune out hit after hit and his music has received enormous recognition such as beingΒ  awarded for song of the year, people’s choice awards among other accolades.

The song mugarden was released on the 14th of February and attracted so much public interest. Winky D’s fans have been going crazy over the song to the point of daring each other to show off their acting prowess as evidenced by the #mugarden challenge.

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