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Zuva Habane hits back at SA idols judge Unathi

Social media has been awash with comments over the recent drama between socialite Zuva Habane and South Africa Idol’s judge Unathi over a selfie. According to sources, Zuva attended a function where Unathi and her friends were also in attendance. Zuva made the bold decision to go and ask to take a selfie with the idols judge.However, it all went sour when Unathi denied her the selfie citing that she was not putting on her facemask when she approached her.She further claimed that she turned down the selfie request simply because Zuva was all lovey-dovey with her partner kissing and cuddling before she had the audacity of then coming to her without a face mask to ask to take a selfie with her.

The decline did not seat well with Zuva Habane who then decided to post the incident on her social media platform.‌The outspoken socialite accused Unathi of pretending to be polite whilst she brushed her off in a dismissive manner. In response to the message, Unathi apologized to Zuva Habane if she felt offended by her refusal to take a selfie with her, stressing that she was protecting herself and her family considering that there is Covid-19.

Zuva claims that the way Unathi treated her was unjustified as Unathi and everyone else at the hotel was not wearing a facemask. She retorted,

“sis you weren’t wearing a mask, No one was but That’s beside the point . I feel you handled Everything in a dismissive manner, Maybe you didn’t feel like it I have days like That too. I adore you hence I was polite I just didn’t know this other side of you. Be nice to everyone, Some of them even pray for you That’s all I’m saying, have a nice day”

Zuva is well known for her sharp tongue and ballsy attitude. Some social media users even applauded her for standing up to such a prominent person as Unathi. The self proclaimed urban tete must have been very bitter this past weekend due to the incident.

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