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Divas Inc to Celebrate Women At Zim Women Roar

Zimbabwean magazine Divas Inc will be celebrating women atΒ Zim Women Roar.Β Zim Women Roar is a celebration of the Zimbabwean woman. The aim isΒ to acknowledge the tenacity, power and achievements of Zimbabwean women. The inaugural event will be held onΒ the 29th of November 2017 at the Meikles Hotel.
The event will be hosted by theΒ beautiful and roaring duo of MisRed and Candice. They will share the night with 300 phenomenal Zimbabwean women from all walks of life.
The dress code for the event will be β€˜Comfort in My Own Skin: Define Your Own Beautiful’. Zim Women Roar is in true essence a celebration of every Zimbabwean woman.
Performances will come fromΒ soul singer Prayer Soul, spoken word artist So Profound and the talented songstress Tamy.

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