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Ja’Maal Cooney Interview

How is Ja’maal doing in 2015?

Ja’Maal is splendid! Can’t complain.

Jamal c

How did your love for Dance come about?

Haha I always did! I remember dancing for family as a toddler and enjoying seeing the happiness it devoured them in.

When did you start your 8countdancecompany?

8count started 2years ago! But we had been dancing way before that! Experimenting in all genres.

jamal 8count1

What challenges did you face?

Well we certainly had to become professional & not take it as a joke! I’d say all in all we have been growing up & still are! We never stop learning & those are the challenges we face day by day.

What makes Ja’maal unique?

The fact that I’m uniquely & beautiful created in HIS image is proof enough! But I’ll add on to say! Maybe because I don’t do certain things but do certain things a certain way.

What are your day to day challenges?

Hmm I’d say to beat me! I look in the mirror & only try to top the man I saw in it the day before.

How did you get the opportunity to represent Zimbabwe at the Hip Hop International hosted in Las Vegas?

Theirs no explanation to it but by the grace and favour from the most high jehovah. Usually these opportunities are qualified for,of which I didn’t qualify for anything but was chosen..

Jamal vegas

What drives you, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Life itself drives me cause its given to those with a purpose! life is love and love is living! This present moment is nothing but a gift from the most high,that’s why its called “the present” everybody dies but not everybody lives.

Where would you like to see the local Dance Industry in the next five years?

Man have set footprints on the moon and who knows where else! I wanna see it where no imagination can dream of!

Take us through your typical working day, what it’s like?

Wake up! Give thanks! Get dressed! Give thanks! Turn Up! Give thanks! Hustle! Give thanks & end the day in gratitude haha.

What would you like to say to the youths that think of you as their role model?

Haha I’m not sure I have heard of any but if there are I can say a lot but this isn’t the time for that! Time is precious! Its the only valuable that can’t be Replaced! I’d spend mine living a dream rather than dreaming a life!

What’s your biggest achievement yet?

I haven’t given an achievement speech yet! Only until i reach the penticals I plan to reach!

What do you look for in a life partner?

I’ve realized nothing works without transparency & undivided attention,only then can you be a master of your trade.

What do you do for fun?

Think!! Haha everything begins with a thought!

What’s your secret talent?

To imagine!! I can create!

Who are your top 5 local rappers?

I haven’t really heard of really good local rappers but I know they out there.

jamal dajes

Who are your top 5 local dance crews?




4. Magnetic force

Ja’maal has a very swaggy dress sense, where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

From what I feel comfortable in! And love! Don’t dress like the system told you so! Dress in what pleases your heart!

Jamal cooney

Are you seeing someone?

Come to think of it! Sadly no hey haha!

Whats the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Haha eish I’d say once after I got off stage this one person wiped my sweat all over they shirt “SMH”

Any words of wisdom for the youth of Zimbabwe?

Hmm the difference between wisdom and knowledge is! Knowledge is knowing a tomatoe is a fruit! But wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad! Knowledge is power & with great power comes great responsibility! Until you understand that you’l know what you destined for!

How can your fans reach you?

Approach me! In person or cyber, its not that hard.

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