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Our Top 5 Favourite Winky D Songs

Winky D is undeniably the most talented musician of all times in the Zim Dancehall genre, not only can he sing but he also writes his own songs. How amazing? He is also well known for his greatest hits and energetic live performances which have seen him performing in numerous countries around the world. So far, he has collaborated with some of the greatest artist locally, the likes of Shinsoman and Sulu just to name a few.


What also makes Winky D unique is that there is always a meaning behind every song he releases. But let’s get straight to the point and check out the following top five Winky D songs that blew off our minds below!

1. Disappear

This song was a Christmas song in 2015, everyone danced to this song as they enter 2016. Everywhere ,anytime and anywhere you would hear people playing it literally it won the best song of the year award

2. Gafa life

Gafa life related to many peoples background and how they conquered it

3. Chiramu

Another classic song that is so fresh up till today, it was released last year. It has a touching morale lesson in it never to trust anyone even your blood.

4. Vashakabvu

Winky D sings about our loved ones who left us and how things have changed

5. Survivor – Winky D featuring Sfinsoman

This song relates to the situation vendors and combi drivers face everyday, how police man treat them but somehow they still survive no matter how hard the situation is

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