ED’s top 10 trips of 2019.

Ever since he assumed the presidential office, the president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa has been on a quest to re engage the international community. He has been preaching the mantra that Zimbabwe is now open for business in a bid to woo investors and boost investor confidence. There has been so much talk about his constant trips with some people arguing that his travelling expenses are weighing heavily on the country’s bill. Here are the top ten most prominent travels of ED.

1 Russia

Thanks president was in Russia in January of this year. He said that he was working in economic agreements to boost the country’s ailing economy.

2 Addis Abbaba

ED travelled to Ethiopia for a meeting with political and business leaders from the region and beyond . He reiterated the importance of working with the international community.

3 Botswana

The president met with other heads of African states at the Kasame Elephant Summit in Botswana. The major aim was to discuss elephant management in Africa.

4 Rwanda.

In July, ED travelled to Rwanda as a guest for their liberation day. He stressed the importance of continuing with a close patnership with Rwanda

5 Japan

The president tweeted, “In Japan with friends, both old and new, pursuing new investment and patnership for Zimbabwe”.

6 South Africa

September saw the jet setting president on another mission in Cape Town South Africa for the World Economic Forum.


ED attended the United Nations General Assembly in New York in late September. He became the subject of mockery when he addressed only a handful of people at the event.

8 France

The president was recently in France, this October for the Global Fund Conference. He stated that he wanted his country to be actively involved in the theme which was ” stepping up the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria”.

9 Uganda

The president was the special guest at the just ended 57th Independence anniversary in Uganda.

10 God knows where!

Truth be told, the president still has an ardous task to restore the country to its former glory. The travelling and pursuit of investment is far from over.

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