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Hopewell Chin’ono lashes out at his latest victim

Hopewell Chin’ono seems to be back in full force on social media. The controversial journalist recently took jabs at musician Jah Prayzah in a post on twitter that has caused furore online. Chin’ono recently got into trouble with his errant political tweets. He languished in prison for some weeks before finally tasting some freedom. The journalist has now become a target for malicious comments following his attack on JP.

Chin’ono said musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi used to play songs that were directed at politicians and how they were supposed to address social injustices right in their faces. He said this has since become history and musicians like Jah Prayzah are in the habit of bootlicking politicians for money.

He also claimed that singers like Bob Marley acted as unifying forces through directly telling politicians of their time how to run their affairs. Chin’ono even claimed that Jah Prayzah’s songs such as Kutonga kwaro were meant to hero worship an oppressive system.

Chin’ono’s post has aroused a lot of interest and there has been a plethora of mixed reactions. Jah Prayzah has a large following on social media and his fans expressed anger and fury at the journalist for his message. Some even claimed Chin’ono has run out of victims and is now attacking musicians for expressing their talent. Others said he ought to let people have their own political voice rather than to force artists to share his own personal choices.

Jah Prayzah also said he was hurt by the words of the controversial journalist. He said he ought to have approached him in private since he had his personal number. Jah Prayzah has been accused of being idle in terms of political affairs lately. He was also lambasted for not partaking in the #Zimlives matter movement.

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