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Olinda explains the difficulty of being a musician’s wife.

Being a musician’s wife carries with it a burden which spouses have to be conscious about when entering into a union with a musician. Olinda has revealed how tough it is to see her man getting cosy and romantic with artists or actors in the making of video’s meant to depict an intimate setting.

Olinda reveals this in a recent instagram post where she posts Tytan getting close to a lady who features in a video that is currently at the shooting stage. After recently welcoming a baby, Olinda and Tytan appear happy with Nandi having strengthened the couple’s bond.

Although Olinda has highlighted the trials that are associated with having to accept the nature of Tytan’s job, Olinda has always had an attraction to musical artists with her previous relationship having been with Stunner another musician. Olinda has however moved on with her union with Tytan looking strong and one which many expect to last forever.

While Olinda’s jealousy of Tytan’s job can be understood, being the husband of a female artist can even be tougher with many men not standing the prospect of seeing their wives or husband getting cosy with another man in the making of a musical video. The acting world poses an even greater challenge for spouses as many scenarios romantic scenes may be lengthy. Actors have often a time revealed how important it is for one to have an understanding husband or wife that understands the nature of professions which involve one having to be involved in acts of cuddling or kissing.

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