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Top 5 comedians of 2021

Dhafu has been causing furore on social media. The heavily built comedian has been up to her hilarious tricks, leaving viewers clamouring for more. Dhafu has been able to captivate audiences with her effortless humour. So popular has she become that she is now being referred to as the queen of comedy.

2 Madam boss
She is beautiful and funny. Madam boss has been consistent in her work ever since she started comedy. Most people are thrilled by the fact that she is able to take day to day situations and infuse them with comedy. Madam boss is indeed one of the best comedians of our time.

3 Ray vines
He is such a natural when it comes to leaving people in stitches. Ray is still very much in the game after having gone a bit quiet. The college student is indeed a sensation.

4 Comic Pastor
Our list would be incomplete without mentioning comic pastor. Some regard him as the best thing to ever happen since comedy became popular. Comic pastor usually takes a dig at prominent politicians and celebrities. Comic pastor is also gifted with a natural comic charisma that most people have fallen in love with.

5 Mai Titi
Mai Titi has a knack for making people roll with laughter. She is very talented. She does not hold back from getting her hands dirty when it comes to bringing smiles on people’s faces.

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