Business as usual after the holidays.

As the nation joined the rest of the world in celebrating Easter, nothing could be more exciting for the ordinary working class citizen. It was truly a blissful period with most people putting their travelling plans into motion during the easter holiday.

Whilst this might not have been true for some, who had the desire to travel but failed due to financial constraints, the crux of the matter is that people got the chance to relax and put aside work related business. Others spent the easter holiday at church, celebrating the resurrection of Christ and partook in activities such as baptism.

The holiday was however not to last forever like all good things in life. Most people have proffessed annoyance at having to go back to work after such a lovely period of relaxation. Of course, it is what puts bread on the table that matters and compelled by the situation people have had to return back to work.

Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz took to social media to enquire from his fans how their work day has been thus far. He posted a picture standing proudly at Siyaso market in Mbare and mentioned that all was well at his workplace. He further enquired from his fans how they were managing at their places of work. The hard-working Zimbabweans might have wanted to extend the holiday but with the hard hitting economic situation, people have had to return back to source out a living for their families.

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