Farmers optimistic of a bounty harvest

Farmers are optimistic of a bountiful harvest this year. This follows some heavy rains that have been falling in most parts of the country in the past two weeks. Most farmers are busy preparing land and making arrangements for planting their crops.

Unlike last year, where there was a drought, people are hopeful that yields will be better this year. In spite of having invested a lot of time and effort in their agri business last year, farmers were dealt a major blow due to scarcity of rains.

Government has also rolled out an agro based programme called “pfumvudza” to empower farmers as they gear up for this rainy season. Farmers have been given farming inputs such as fertilizers, seed and chemicals

Zimbabwe was once regarded as the bread basket of Africa with a booking agro based economy back in the days. It seems that agricultural revival is on the way as expressed by most farmers. The meteorologically department has also confirmed that there will be plenty of rains this year even to the point of flooding in some areas.

Most areas are already receiving heavy rains. Of course, there is the scorching heat in some places which is yet again a sign that rains are imminent.Some farmers are already planting their crops while others are merely making land preparations.

Zimbabwe’s economy is largely dominated by agricultural activities. The normal ease of doing business was disturbed last year as most parts of the country experienced an acute drought. The rainy season is a great season for most farmers as they get to put their act together and make their contribution to food security

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