Scanlen and Holderness senior partner elevated to a top post

The legal fraternity is celebrating a top elevation of one of their own. A senior lawyer at Scanlen and Holderness Mr Stenford Moyo has been recommended to be elected as the new International Bar Association president. The recommendation has come unopposed. Mr Moyo will be the first IBA president from Africa.

Most lawyers have been sending congratulatory messages to Mr Moyo who is also a senior partner at Scanlen and Holderness which he joined in 1981. His term as the president of IBA is set to start in January 2021.

Mr Moyo boasts of an impressive career and has many accolades to his name. He has represented a wide range of top clientele from Zimbabwe and even beyond the country’s boarders. As a senior lawyer, he has earned so much respect for his remarkable work. Fellow practitioners in the legal field have been expressing their support at his appointment and have even hinted that he is certainly the best man for the job.

Mr Moyo has indeed raised the bar high and his appointment has raised the country’s flag very high. Suffice to note that he has actually surpassed top lawyers from all over Africa to the post.

The IBA is a prestigious international forum where top lawyers engage and work on improving the legal field. Being the first ever lawyer from Africa to be elected to such a post has been commended by most people. Mr Moyo is expected to bring in his wealth of experience to the IBA and maintain the high standards expected

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