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Zimbabwe’s Top 30 Under 30 Inspirational Youth In 2016 [Part 6]

Zimbabwe’s Top 30 Under 30 Inspirational Youth In 2016 [Part 6]

21. Nkosana Mazibisa

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Mazibisa was born in the heart of what used to be Zimbabwe’s industrial town, Bulawayo, in 1988. Β The idea of fixing the world dawned on him in his high school debate team in Bulawayo. Β β€œThe country was collapsing and we had a debate at school about these issues and how to solve them.” When it was over, everyone went home and continued with their lives, but not Mazibisa.Β β€œI knew that I had to do my bit to make a difference. That’s why I decided to start a business to solve the unemployment problems we have and revive our industries.” He founded a food retail brand, Swaad β€œThe Taste of India,” and Mazibisa Inc., a brand strategy consultancy firm in Bulawayo.

22. Marvelous Nakamba

ROTTERDAM - Feyenoord - Vitesse , Voetbal , Seizoen 2015/2016 , Eredivisie , De Kuip , 23-08-2015 , Vitesse speler Marvelous Nakamba

Marvelous Nakamba (born 19 January 1994) is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays for Dutch club Vitesse as a central midfielder.

23. Tatenda Kamera


Tatenda Kamera popularly known as Mr Kamera is a singer and music producer who is making major waves in Africa. Mr Kamera has worked with some of the biggest names in African music. He has worked with Ice Prince , L-Tido, FB, Ice queen, Grammy award winning producer Brian Soko Soko, DJ Xclusive and Fiesta Black. He produced a record on the album β€˜According To X’ by Nigerian super star DJ Xclusive who is also the official DJ to Wizkid. The record called β€˜Rassa’ features South African female artist Fiesta Black (FB) famous for the hit β€˜Xibugu’ and positions Kamera as one of the top AfroMusic producers on the continent.

24. Joshua Strydom


Joshua Strydom is an avid traveler and cultural explorer born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. He has a BFA, Fine Arts, Photography and Printmaking double concentration, and Art History Minor from Memphis College of Art β€˜16. His work is heavily influenced by his African upbringing, both as a man of Shona and European culture. Strydom finds continuous inspiration in African Mythology and Folklore. The Shona phrase “Ndino Ona Nzvimbo Yavo” describes his work well. It has a double translation into English, the first being ‘I see my place in this world,’ and the second, β€˜in doing so, I see your foreign places in relation to my own familiarities.’Β His work focuses on the investigation of selfhood and observation of ethos, pathos and logos.He has exhibited, lectured and presented in Zimbabwe, the United States and Eastern Europe; and written numerous articles based on his art theories, philosophies and techniques.

25. Soul Jah Love

Souljah Love

Soul Jah Love is an award winning and popular Zimdancehall artist who rose to prominence in 2012 with hit tracks such as “Ndini Uya uya” and “Gum-kum”. He is often compared to the Jamaican Vybz Kartel and is one of the countries most prominent Zim dancehall artists.

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