5 Questions You Should Ask A Job Interviewer

Interviews are not only for the interviewer to see if you’re the fitting candidate and grill you, it’s an opportunity for you as a job seeker to ask about any concerns you might have. If your questions are great, it can set you apart from other candidates and confirm you are the right fit for the position.

African American woman taking an interview of a woman

Think through your questions before the interview because those questions can make or break your chances to get the position. Here are five job interview questions you can ask your interviewer.

1.What experience and skills would your ideal candidate have?

This will make your interviewer tell you exactly what the company is looking for. If there’s something she/he mentions that is not on your CV, this is your http://youthvillage.co.zw/wp-admin/post-new.phpchance to clarify why you can do it.

2. How has this position evolved since it was created?

This question will make you look like you are interested in progression and delivering results. It will give you and the interviewer clarity on how you will improve and take the company.

3. What types of training opportunities do you offer?

This is a must ask question to an interviewer, it shows you want to grow in the company and shows your desire to advance your skills while growing the company at the same time by adding value.

4. What have you enjoyed most about working here?

This will allow the interviewer to open more to you on a personal level and it will help you find out if you share the same values and if you see yourself working there.

5. How would describe your company culture here?

This will show that you are self manageable and you want to perform at your best ability in a positive environment.

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