10 Simple Truths That Determine How Long a Relationship Will Last

Relationships are a big risk but they can also be fruitful. Psychologists have found that there are certain habits and behaviours that van determine the longevity of a relationship. The best relationship is a couple tha doesn’t outline their similarities and differences. Instead they share the events they’ve lived through together. This is because they do not expect their partner to be ideal. Check out the 10 signs that show your relationship is going to be harmonious and strong.

1. Behavior in stressful situations

How you react in difficult situations determines the longevity of your relationship. Are you supportive and mature about things?

2. Ways of thinking

It’s important for you to understand that the thoughts and feelings of your partner are not identical to yours. Don’t make decisions on your partner’s behalf. Do respect their opinions and views.

3. Requests

Be open and honest with your close ones, and share your feelings and worries with them.

4. Personal space

Spending time together creates a bond. However it’s important to create personal space. Have your own hobbies but once in a while do something different together.

5. Life plans

You need to know if you and your partner are on the same page. You need to s discuss things such as children, migration, career goals and religion.

6. Relationships with friends

Friends are an important part of any person’s life. A loving and supportive partner will always treat your friends with respect.

7. Relationships with relatives

For most family comes first hence there is need to have a healthy relationship with a partner’s relatives. Getting along with a partner’s family can work best for your relationship.

8. Healthy conflicts

Couples that don’t disagree or quarrel tend to break up fast. It’s important to understand each other’s argument styles then find healthy and mature ways of conflict resolution.

9. Celebrating successes

In healthy relationships partners feel happy for the successes of each other and inspire each other to achieve new goals.

10. Compromise

No two people can agree on everything. A healthy relationship consists of compromise. You must be able to meet halfway on both the small and big issues.

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