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Speculation over fuel prices.

Following an official statement release by the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe that the government has made an about turn on the exchange rate in terms of fuel procurement, there has been a lot of uncertainty over the availability and pricing of fuel in the coming weeks.

There had been a 1.1 peg to the dollar in terms of exchange rate for those firms that had been dealing in fuel. That position has however been changed with the central bank now stating that currency exchange rate will be regulated by the market rate.

The announcement has left many people on the edge. There has also been speculation that fuel prices will go up in light of the new development leaving many people distraught. The price of fuel was increased by over 100% early this year prompting people to go on the streets and demonstrate.

Zimbabweans have been battling high price increases in almost every sector. Food, clothing and cost of living have become expensive with most people struggling to make ends meet. This has been worsened by other expenses such as school fees and rentals.

Most people, especially civil servants have been barely able to sustain themselves amid the crisis. Issues of corruption and crime have been on the rise due to the tough financial situation in the country.

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