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Top 10 Zim Dancehall Artists

Zim Dancehall is hands down the hottest genre in Zimbabwe at the moment, Thus we decided to compile a list of the top 10 Zim Dancehall artists in Zimbabwe from Soul jah Luv to Winky D . Enjoy Zim dancehall!

Top 10 Zim Dancehall Artists

Soul jah Luv

Soul jah love

The 23 year old star rose to prominence in 2012 when he released his hit songs titled ‘ndini uya uya’ and ‘Gumkum’. Gumkum made waves on all local radio stations. ‘Ndini uya uya’ topped the star-fm charts for many weeks which helped him gain momentum with the non dance-hall fans. Soul jah love won two awards at the 2013 Zim Dance-hall Awards for the Best Collaboration and Best Upcoming Artiste.

Seh Calez

Calaz entered the music industry in 2013 when he released his single ‘mabhanditi’ which went viral in the ghettos but did not recieve any air play on the local radio stations. He became an instant star when he released ‘Mumota murikubvira’ which got massive airplay on radio stations and later became very popular with public transport. He later on won the King of Dancehall contest held in December 2013 and walked away with $1 000. When Turbulence came to Zimbabwe in 2013, the two made a remix of Seh Calaz hit song.

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Shinso who is also known as baba Divanti has been recorded eversince 2009 but only managed to break through into the industry in 2013 when he released his hit song ‘mawaya waya’. His unique husky voice has made him a force to reckon with in the tightly contested Zim dancehall genre. He won the Best Song of the Year Award for ‘Mawaya waya’ at the 2013 Zim dancehall awards. He became one of the first dancehall artists to perform with a live band in March.

Tokey Vibes

tokey vibes
Tokey vibes is one of the few dancehall artists whose music is consumed by all age groups in the country. His mature lyrics always surprise his fans as the star is only 20years old. His themes mainly revolve around hard work, honesty, gratitude, love and prayer. With touching songs such as ‘mhai’ the young man is shooting for the stars simply because the older generation is endorsing him. His recent tracks ‘kushanda, kudzamisa pfungwa and mhai are being played everywhere in Zimbabwe right now.

Killer T

The ‘po po po’ artist has taken the whole game by storm. He has been releasing hit after hit from Tirikumhanya to Makarova Gunners the chanter is showing no signs of slowing down. He is very popular in watering holes, public transport and hair salons. Killer T has become a household name not only in Mbare but in other high density suburbs. The dancehall star got his stage name from his brother who refers to him as a ‘killer’ of dancehall lyrics. The 23 year old self-proclaimed Matapi Chairman has built a fan base in Harare and has spilt over to the rest of the country.


Freeman came onto the scene with a major hit ‘Joina City’. This song made waves on all local radio stations and managed to crossover to the older generation which not many young artists are failing to do. They call him the dancehall doctor and is a promising artist who we are hoping will start growing his fan base in other countries soon.

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Winky D

Winky started gaining recognition in the mid 2000’s when he released ‘Ini Ndiri Rasta’.He then took over the whole game when he released the album which had Musarova Bigman. He has since released 5albums which contain many chart topping hits and has become very influential. In the bid to pursuade the Zimbabwean male population to get circumcised, Population Services International, and the Ministry of Health and Child Wlfare initiated a Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi dueyt. He has been involved in several conflicts because of his single Kufira kureva which touches on how the ghetto-youth are abusing drugs in the country.

Ras Caleb

ras caleb
The Tokwe Mkosi hitmaker has such a unique voice which had most of us thinking that a Jamican artist had learnt to speak our language. This song is on of thos songs that have managed to crossover to the older generation easily. With songs like Mwana wenyu Uyu Ras Caleb is destined for greatness if he keeps up the good work.

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Snipper Storm

snipper storm
Snipper made his mark inthe game back when th urban groovers owned the game but after he released love yemusoja we all realised he belonged and was one of the pioneers of Zim dancehall.

Gaspy Warrior

guspy warrior

The son of the famous Manyeruke who is the Godfather of Zim Gospel is the complete opposite of his father in terms of content but chances are in a dacade or two he will be one of the God Fathers of Zim dance hall which is the movement he has been a part of for over five years now. He has dropped tracks like ‘Handikwanise’, ‘Kuzvitaura’ and ‘Machira chete’ but non of them have been as big as his latest effort ‘seuno nonga’ which has had massive success in our local industry.

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