Top 5 Fights Every Couple Has Before Breaking Up

In every relationship, couples usually fight about little things here and there but some fights makes you go on separate ways forever.  How do you know when the writing is on the wall between you and your partner? Here are the signs below that can give you an early warning about where messing up and you will want you’ll want to take a long hard look at your relationship…


1. Money

The golden rule says never lend the other person cash; don’t claim poverty while ‘not including’ that trust savings account you’ve got quietly squirreled away; don’t lie about the value of easily-checkable status goods that you’ve treated yourself to likeroad bikes , assuming you want to be considered sexually attractive ever again never do that thing of carefully splitting a restaurant bill to only include exactly what you consumed.

2. The One About Your Friend

If they just got to spend a bit more time with him, they’d see that having a nickname, having fathered two children who he never sees and ‘four convictions for public nuisance’ don’t actually make him a bad guy. Admittedly, the bit about stealing shoplifting  probably does actually make him a bad guy, but they don’t know about that particular infraction.

3. The Traveling Issues

You’re totally cool and non-possessive. And theoretically you get that the grown-up, sensible modern relationship can withstand your partner going off traveling for a few months. In reality, you’re going to be reduced to a jealous, insecure wreck before the plane even leaves the runway, and will waste countless late night hours carefully analyzing everything they post in more detail .

4. Your Diet

If you’re going to go through the miserable ordeal of a low-carb, bread-free, no-alcohol, fat-shredding diet, then the least you can expect is some moral support from your other half. Of course, being you, what you actually expect is them to go through it all with you and be every bit as unhappy as you are.

5. The Wardrobe Malfunction

That time you asked  opinion about your outfit. Which, if you’re being honest, you knew was ‘pushing the envelope’ a bit. They simply replied that maybe  joina city wasn’t quite ready for ‘My own reinterpretation of Kanye West’s latest collection. So the plans are cancelled, the outfit’s in a pile on the bedroom floor, you’re sitting on the sofa in a tracksuit in a furious silent rage, binge-eating a box of popcorns and stabbing at the remote control with an angry finger.

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