Want To Ask Her Out This Weekend? Read This First

They always say that all women are the same but its not true,  the strategy that works on one girl might not work on another. Knowing where you stand with a girl that you want to ask out is of great importance; you’re not going to approach a stranger the same way that you approach a female friend that you envision as more than a friend. So as to avoid getting in trouble this weekend you need to read this before you ask a girl out.

5 Steps To Secure Yourself A Second Date

1. Asking Out That Girl You Met At The Bar

So you met a girl at a bar or a club or a house party. You had both been drinking. Maybe you danced for awhile, maybe you made out, maybe more. But you’re still intrigued, and hey, you got her number! So how do you follow up a drunken encounter with a real date that shows her that you’re interested? It’s pretty easy.

Here’s what you have to doSend her a harmless text saying something like “it was a pleasure meeting you the other night!” Odds are she’ll respond saying something similar it’s just common courtesy. Then, play it cool for a day or two.

2. Asking Out An Acquaintance, Classmate or Co-worker

This could be a friend of a friend, the cute girl in your science class, or the secretary at your office. In any case, this is a girl you know casually and have a crush on. This is where it starts to get tricky, because if you get rejected, you still have to see her around. So, don’t get rejected!

What to do: To avoid a potentially awkward situation, you want to start harmless here. Since you know this girl in some capacity already, play it cool. Just ask her what she’s up to on a day she’s likely to be free, and invite her to go to happy hour somewhere.

3. Asking Out A Complete Stranger

Asking out a complete stranger might seem intimidating at first, especially if you don’t have the aid of liquid courage which I’ll get to in the next scenario. But when you really think about it, asking out somebody you have absolutely NO relationship with is total cake. Think about the cost or benefit analysis. If you approach a stranger and she’s not interested, you lose nothing, save maybe a shred of pride. If you approach a stranger and she is interested, you are #winning. If you never approach her, you lose by default. No real downside, big upside.

What to doJust go for it, dude. Be confident. Be straightforward. Compliment her. Saying something as simple as “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re gorgeous.

4. Asking Out A Friend

Getting out of the dreaded friend zone is delicate process, and you have far more to lose here than in any of the aforementioned scenarios; after all, if you like this girl, you don’t want to get rejected and ruin your friendship simultaneously. Tread lightly, be honest, and keep your expectations in check. The reward here might be the highest of all, since you already know this girl well and you’re still interested, but beware, the risk is also as high as it gets.

What to doBe forthright and tell her you want to take her on a date. Make your intentions clear by asking to take her out to dinner; since you’re friends, just getting drinks doesn’t get the point across. Pick a nice restaurant, but nothing too extravagant  coming off as too romantic won’t be a plus as she tries to gauge whether the potential for more than friendship exists. Nonetheless, be a gentleman pull out her chair, buy her meal, and so forth. The best case is that she feels a connection too, and your relationship progresses at a new level. But you must also prepare for the worst case: that she wants to keep you in the friend zone.

5. Asking Out Your Ex

You’re drunk or lonely or listening to too much Adele lately, and it dawns on you that you should ask your ex if she’ll go to Valentine’s Day dinner with you.

What to do: Nothing. Do. Not. Do. It.

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