10 Important Things  to Remember When Job Hunting

10 Important Things  to Remember When Job Hunting

Job hunting is a tricky experience. You are submitting your CV and cover letter to several organisations. This multi tasking combined with applications and going for interviews it’s easy to forget little things. It’s little details that you may overlook that may affect your job search. Below are the 10 Important Things to Remember When Job Hunting

1. Double-check your privacy settings on Facebook.

Close your wall to ensure that you can filter what you are tagged to. You also need to filter on what people can write on your wall.

2. Check on tags

Make sure that you are cautious about Instagram tags.

3. Check on old social media accounts

Check your old social media accounts such as Myspace, HiFive etc. The idea is that you want to clear anything that might not be professional.

4. Have professional photos on your profiles

Make sure that all your profile photos look professional.

5. Prepare for Skype or video interviews

Makes sure that you set up your environment for your video interview. Make sure that you have a clean background.

6. Keep your Google account up-to-date.

Update all your Google accounts from your Gmail to blogger.

7. Keep personal websites or portfolios updated

If you link to anything like a personal site, portfolio, or blog anywhere on your resume, cover letter, or on your LinkedIn page, be sure these sites are accessible.

8. Your resume should match your LinkedIn profile

Make sure that your CV resembles your LinkedIn profile.

9. Notify your references

If you’ve listed or submitted references, let your references know to expect a phone call or email.

10. Be responsive.

Make sure that you quickly respond to all

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