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Top 5 most controvesial people in Zimbabwe.

Being a multicultural society, Zimbabwr boasts of people from different backgrounds with varying customs and opinions. There are however some characters that have shocked the nation by their actions and lifestyle. We have narrowed down 5 of the most controvesial people in Zimbabwe.

1 Tatelicious

Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe, commonly known as Tatelicious shocked many people when he underwent a reconstructive surgery to transform himself into a woman. He was born male but opted to change himself physically to a woman. Tatelicious is renowned for his sharp tongue and has often tried to explain the reason for changing his sex. He spent over US 80 000 for the surgery. Tatelicious once remarked in an interview that he had always wanted to be female. He said, ” I was confirmed a boy at birth but I just had a male body with a female mind”. He said that his parents and relative had tried seeking spiritual help from traditional healers without any luck. Tatelicious is clearly living her dream as a woman and is confident of her body. This has been a shocker for most people in a conservative society as Zimbabwe whose Constitution outlaws homosexuality and same sex marriages.

2 Robert Martin Gumbura

The man of God was convicted of four counts of rape and possession of pornographic material. He was the leader of RGM End Time ministries. Gumbura would sleep with female congrengants of his church including those who were married. He would then loan them out to their husbands. Strange as it may seem, the practice persisted for years before he was eventually convicted of rape.

3 Zuva Habane

Zuva is a former model. She is known for her sexual inuendo videos. Zuva alleges that she was once abused by an older man and locked up at his farm house at only 17, years of age. He demanded that she fall pregnant. She eventually ran away. Zuva is however a controvesial character whose stories mainly revolve around sexual activity. Her posts and videos all relate to sex toys, sex positions, sexual fantasies making her look like a feminine sex symbol.

4 Munyaradzi Kereke

Kereke was the former advisor to the reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideo Gono. He was convicted of raping a juvenile at gun point. Kereke’s matter had been swept under the carpet but justice was eventually done. He is currently serving his jail term. Kereke is alleged to have impregnanted his wife whilst in jail which is strange considering that Zimbabwean prisons do not grant conjugal visits.

5 Pokello Nare

The socialite set tongues wagging after her sex tape with rapper Stunner found its way into the public domain. She eventually moved on to another man before her divorce early this year. Pokello recently posted another eex tape on her Instagram account but quickly removed it.

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