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Top 5 booties in Zim showbiz.

African women are known to be full figured and often show off their heavy backsides. Here are our best booties in showbiz in Zim at the moment.

1 Kicky badass

The musician, model and dancer has a well curved backside. She is popurlar for her flexible rear end as evidenced in the video 50 magate, in which she vigorously shakes her backside much to the amusement of viewers.

2 Pokello

The wueen of swagger has every woman’s dream body including a shapely derriere. She often poses for photos to reflect her generously made butt. Pokello also knows how to wear clothes that compliment her booty p, making her stand out amongst other women.

3 Misred

The radio and television personality loves to flaunt her voluptous body and is naturally gifted with curves. She has often encouraged plus size women to embrace their bodies and to be proud of their curves.

4 Bev Sibanda

Years of adult perfoming and an array of shows whilst wearing skimpy outfits have led to Bev’s butt business being in the public domain. Although her booty is not as enormous, it is certainly of interest due to its flexibility and the way she puts herself across to her viewers. Bev recently caused a furore at Chikurubi maximum prison when she shook her butt to unimaginable heights and left inmates clammering for more. Even her performance in the video Ndiratidze zvaunoita, raised some eyebrows as to the source of her dance moves. Bev has often had to defend herself about not wearing fake bums due to constant speculation surrounding her figure.

5 Madam boss

Madam boss has one hell of a beautiful curvy figure. Although she usually dresses herself in Dudzai’s scruffy maid’s uniform, it is those occasions that she dresses glamorously and reveals what she usually hides underneath, that people get to fully appreciate her beauty.

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